Things to do

First and Foremost one must understand that a retreat is a place where you RELAX!!
Unfortunately given our prosperity to "do" something all the time and be "busy" we do not fully appreciate the true meaning of the term Retreat! At Taopovan the first thing you can do is - RELAX!. Just take lots of music, a game of cards, some books, may be scrabble and settle down to a good 2 / 3 days of fun.

But if you're the kind who is full of nervous energy, then you could hire a bicycles and go pedalling to some nearby villages, or you could go for a drive to Umergaon and lay down under the coconut trees and hear the waves in the distance. You could ofcourse go walking up Tapovan Retreat and pass the locals in their very rustic and basic homes,with Chickoo Orchards spread all round. Cross the tracks and sit with the signal man and share a cuppa and see a train thundering past really up close!

You could also visit Santosh Studio for exclusive Warli Art Paintings.

Bordi has a very rich hinterland of naturally beauty,hills,forest and fauna. If you have your own vehicle you can drive into the most picturesque areas within a range of 50 Kms.Route maps & direction are given to all residents.

Jungle Park Camps & Tours can also arrange exciting forest expeditions for you.

If you wish to have excitement of long firest treks,you could have Nature Camps & Treking in Bahrot Hills,which is about 8 Km away form Bordi.You could also visit the picturesque ASWALI DAM


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